Friends! Truly wonderful and incredibly talented entities!

MaryOur beautiful cursed GPU wife. She's very skilled in reverse engineering, emulation, and blushing so hard you can cook an egg on her, if you get the chance, go chat with her
LoftyThey're just awesome, they're always up to something cursed with FPGAs, they do some really impressive things!
AkiTruly wonderful, a catgirl with an obsession with tapes, best nya'er we know, and a great friend (ask her about squishy)
BesterDuckie! One of the cosiest people you will ever meet, skilled in so much, go check him out! Also send him duck pics~
TasosA very good friend and a very hard one to describe, cute, adorable, very smart, ?, ??, ????, ???????. Go check them out
DragnyanWonderful, comforting and oh so very wize. Dragonkbities never lead astray! Maintainer of black magic debug, vtuber and so so much more